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Track NameHighway Patrol
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HP Title Slide
HP Buick action
HP Roadblock2
HP Buick B&W
HP Team_edited
HP roadblock
HP Car with HP logo
HP Crawford with mike
HP Ziv Production

During the 2021 NMRA Convention, Shotgun Tom Kelly came to Corona Model Railroad Society as a participant of the layout tours.   He was very impressed by the attention to detail with the mini dioramas on the layout, one of which was the Highway Patrol production scene being filmed on a country road.    


Fast forward to 2022.   Shotgun Tom arranges for owner Gary Goltz to bring to CMRS his 1:1 scale 1955 Buick Century replica of Broderick Crawford’s 21-50 patrol car from the immensely popular 1950s TV series “Highway Patrol.” Donned in Crawford’s trademark Fedora, Gary assumed the role of Captain Dan Matthews and, complete with the show’s iconic theme music, began barking orders and CHP jargon to the delight of members and guests. 


Gary and Shotgun Tom next presented CMRS with a specially modified TV version of the 21-50 car for our “Highway Patrol” film location. CMRS thanks Gary and Shotgun Tom for a memorable afternoon. “

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